Rethinking your sensitive nature

There Will be Blood

All the four-year-olds were standing in line to go outside. The boys were on one side of the hall and the girls on the other. A kid looked over at me and yelled “cripple!”

The name shocked me like the cold of a June morning swim…

I don’t have the best balance

I recently published a story on Medium called Three Wheel Bike. The story is about my dad building me a three-wheel bike because I could not ride one with two wheels. Because of mild cerebral palsy, I have never had good balance. …

And my dad talked me into it

I felt the hot steel on my feet. My 12-year-old toothpick-thin body slid through an opening in the bridge. Standing on the bottom rail, I peered down into the dark river. I was about 20 feet above the water, and my hands were slippery with sweat. …

And what they can teach you

Have you ever thought you were not able to do something and then surprised yourself and found out you could?

Mild Cerebral Palsy affects my fine motor skills, and I have never considered myself good at drawing, painting, or most art forms I attempted. As a kid, my mom encouraged…

When Howard Disappeared

“I don’t want to go to jail!” I screamed.

I was four and sitting in the back of Dad’s dune buggy with my sister. Oversized white helmets and black-rimmed goggles covered half of our face and gave Mary and me the look of life-sized bobbleheads. Our shared seat belt was…

Anecdote | Life

And it was starting to snow

Our eight-year-old cat was missing so we started searching for him on our five-acre property. We didn’t get far when we heard him meowing, a distinct cry for help. My daughter Jasmine and I followed the sound and discovered he was high up in a tree. A cluster of Western…

I was 10 years old

Dad pulled the orange toboggan across the snow-covered frozen lake. It was piled high with black garbage bags of our clothes, food, and other supplies. Mom analyzed our footprints as we walked. She pointed out that Mary’s prints landed directly in front of the other. My sister said she never…

“Mom, what’s wrong with me?” I asked on the way to Easter Seals. We were going there for physical and occupational therapy.

“Sit back, Christy I can’t see… What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with you.”

“No, I mean why do I walk this way? Why do I have to…

Christy Dunphy Rommel

Christy has mild cerebral palsy. She lives in Washington State with her husband and has two grown children.

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